Translation and interpreting – because it feels good

Hello! This is Slobodan speaking, Sigma Infty’s founder.

Translation and interpreting entered my life by chance. Back in 2012, while working as research associate in the Centre for European Integration, I have translated the document International Best Practices in Public Participation in Impact Assessment published by IAIA, together with the girl I was dating at the time and who became my wife just two years later.

We immediately noticed the added value of our collaboration. It was fun to work together, I knew all the right terminology concerning the impact assessment, while Sara, who was working as a freelance translator and interpreter in Serbia, had the translation know-how. We combined the useful with the beautiful, and published our first translation.


Here is how Sara’s and Slobodan’s first translation assignment looks like. Image by [Partial screenshot of the publication].

The rest is history. I’m an avid, fast learner, and thanks to Sara, my in-house trainer in Italian language, translation and interpreting methods, resources and small tricks, I have developed my skills and started working as part-time freelance translator and interpreter for the Serbian language.

My past interpreting assignments include, among others:

Simultaneous interpreting from English and Italian into Serbian within the Dedalus and Arianna project for the Serbian and Montenegrin delegation;

Interpreting during B2B meetings for a group of Serbian entrepreneurs during the ACCADUEO Fair in the water technologies in Bologna;

Consecutive interpreting from Italian into Serbian for the Serbian delegation of public officers and teachers visiting Reggio Emilia healthcare institutions, schools, daycare and cultural centres, under the program Supporting Juvenile Policies in Serbia.

Translation and interpreting give me the chance to put together the systematic and critical approach of a researcher and the attention for details of a project manager.

Sara & Slobodan the Serbian/Italian booth in action (Photo Source: Personal Gallery)

Sara & Slobodan, the Serbian/Italian booth in action during a training session of the project ‘Daedalus and Arianna‘. Image by [Personal Gallery].

So, to put it simply, I translate because it feels good.

This is what I have realised after my first interpreting assignment. It was so exciting to practice instantaneous decision-making and jumping from one corner of my brain to another in the search for the right expression.

In all seriousness though, interpreting and translation assignments require a high level of professional expertise. So, in order to manage language-related projects, I have gathered a team of language professionals and created the problem solving pulsar team for translation and interpreting (see below).

We speak your language, and we make sure that you can speak your mind.

If you need to organise or take part to an international event and need a language support, or if you need some documents to be translated, do not hesitate to contact us. Here follows a brief overview of our services in the field of translation and interpreting:

simultaneous interpreting: Performed at international conferences, workshops when two or more languages are spoken. It requires at least two interpreters per booth, and the use of microphones and headphones. Check this link for more details.

consecutive interpreting: Performed in smaller meetings, usually when only two languages are spoken. Check this link for more details.

ad-hoc interpreting for any international event

technical and legal translations: We have a great deal of experience in several areas: Project management, multinational company reports and strategies, European Union, environmental protection and energy efficiency, car industry, food industry, agriculture, storytelling, communication, machine instructions and program execution. 

text editing and proofreading

language mentoring

Connect with us in order to communicate with others (Photo Source:

Connect with us in order to communicate with others. This image is copyrighted, and used with permission. Image by bran_don via Instagram.

Problem solving pulsar team for translation and interpreting


Valentina Mecca – LANGUAGE SUPPORT (Italian, Spanish, English) Linguist & Enterpreneur – Valentina has earned a BA in Translation, an MA in Diplomatic Studies and a second Master’s degree in International Relations from IE Business School in Madrid. A passionate linguist, she has studied English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and Portuguese. After having spent many years living in both the United States and Spain, Valentina has returned to her native country to work as a certified translator in both English and Spanish and as an export manager. She also specializes in areas of international politics and defense.


Zeljko Predojevic – LANGUAGE SUPPORT (Croatian) Professor of Croatian Language and Proofreader – In 2007 he finished his studies of History and Croatian language and literature at the Faculty of Arts, University of J.J. Strossmayer in Osijek, Croatia. Since 2009 he is a PhD student in the field of study of Croatian culture at the Faculty of Arts, University of Zagreb. He worked as a teacher of history and Croatian language and literature (2007 – 2010) and later as a lector of Croatian language and literature at the Faculty, University of Pécs (2010-2013). He is the editor of publications Godišnjak issued by the Matica hrvatska in Beli Manastir. Now he’s working as a lector of Croatian language and literature at the Faculty of Arts at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. In scientific field he is interested in problems of multiculturalism, culture in contact, cultural memory and Croatian as a second / foreign language. His research results were presented at numerous scientific and professional conferences in Croatia and abroad. He’s also an editor, corrector and proof reader of many texts written in Croatian language.


Jelena Veselinovic – LANGUAGE SUPPORT (Serbian) Professor of Serbian Language & Proofreader – Is a professor of Serbian language and literature. Got her degree on the Faculty of Philology University of Belgrade and later worked in the IPS Media publishing house and in the Diplomatic Fund Club in Belgrade. Presently working as top-notch proofreader. Loves to read and write about books.


Sara Polidoro – LANGUAGE SUPPORT (Italian A | French B | Russian, English, Serbian, Croatian C) Freelance Conference Interpreter – Sara has been pursuing her dream of becoming a conference interpreter since her childhood. She has earned a MA in Conference Interpreting from the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators, University of Bologna and she has lived, studied and worked in Brussels, Moscow and Belgrade. Her career as a freelancer started in 2008, and since then she is always travelling for events and conferences. Her professional activities include consecutive, simultaneous interpreting, community interpreting for health facilities and interpreter training. She is instructor for Russian>Italian liaison and consecutive interpreting at the University of Macerata and a language tutor for Russian>Italian consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at University of Bologna.


Slobodan Ocokoljic – COORDINATOR OF THE PROBLEM SOLVING PULSAR THINK NET Researcher / Manager / Translator – Constantly on the move and in pursuit of missions impossible to accomplish. Slobodan has studied Political Science and Local Economic Development. After 6 years of research and management combined for living, in 2016 he started working as a freelance. Lived, studied and worked in Belgrade, Trento and Budapest. Two years ago moved with his family from his homeland to Italy. Thus, he is interested in connections and influences between places and people, economic development and human development, environmental protection and human rights, and urban/regional development and business innovation. He firmly believes that no other force has stronger gravitational pull than knowledge, therefore Sigma Infty, as a synonym for infinite thirst for knowledge.

Contact us and let’s work together.