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Today, managers and management companies are everywhere. Ubiquitous management software tries to present project management as a simple game reduced to colourful checkboxes, drag and drop task assignment, and automatic one-click report creation. This is why a lot of people think that project management is something anyone can do.

Nevertheless, what makes the difference between paying a pocket money monthly fee for the access to management software and having a good project manager working with you is the experience. Management experience and manager confidence can never be reduced to the sum of all checkboxes. Time optimisation, team coordination, managing interactions within project consortium and with beneficiaries and stakeholders, making decisions under pressure and strict deadlines, overall responsibility for budgetary control, reporting, monitoring, and project mediation have not (yet) been translated into algorithms.

We bring a wealth of experience in all steps of project cycle management (PCM), from project development and budgeting, to project implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

Moreover, we write first class and tied up concept notes/grant proposals and squared project budgets.

Developing a project is actually creating a set of logical steps that will strengthen the solutions and good practices and hopefully, on the long run, lead to reduction or elimination the existing problem. (Photo Source: Personal Gallery)

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We use all standard PCM tools in order to provide structure and system for project development and implementation.

Regarding the conceptual development of the project, there is no better tool then listening carefully to the needs and ideas of your clients, as well as good old brainstorming sessions within a carefully selected team of professionals. It is a well-established truth that solutions are scattered over different fields and disciplines and that no one holds a key to solutions. That’s why we bring together our cross-sector and cross-cultural management know-how, according to your needs. The synergy of diverse background expertise is what then make all the magic happen. However, filling out logical framework matrix (LFA) is a must in order to stay focused on solutions.

Regarding objectives setting we use SMART criteria to cross-check if we are on the right track. It is highly important that what you are trying to achieve is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. Otherwise it’s all for nothing.

Regarding comparisons of business processes and performances, we use benchmarking as our favourite tool. It is an ancient wisdom that you learn from the best, and it’s completely OK to compare your performances with the best in the sector and see how to improve and innovate.

When it comes to monitoring, we have a whole set of online and paper check-lists, calendars and agenda scoreboards that are helping us overview every aspect of project implementation.

With regard to evaluation of project results we use standard five key criteria such as: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.

When even after you have done everything to make the implementation of your project smooth and problem-free some issue jumps out (and somehow it always does) than it all comes to project mediation. Sorry to bring this on you so suddenly, but apropos project mediation – as I have already said in the second paragraph, experience is everything. Don’t worry, we will find the right lever and keep a cool head in order to prevent further complications and focus on solutions.

Our problem solving pulsar think net is here to provide you with cross-sector expertise and tailor made solutions.

Problem solving pulsar team for PCM

ilijaIlija Stojanovic – PROJECT COORDINATOR & STARTUP DEVELOPER – Born in Leskovac, Serbia, studied in Belgrade, Serbia, Trento, Italy and Ljubljana, Slovenia. He holds a Masters Degree in Comparative local development and PhD candidate in Balkan studies. He has six years of experience in project cycle management within several fields: youth policy, public administration, media and IT. Ilija is currently the head of the Project Office in Startit Center Belgrade, the leading Serbian IT hub and unofficial headquarters of the national tech-community. At the moment he is working in the team implementing ambitious strategy aiming to educate and prepare 100.000 young Serbian people to effectively participate in the IT industry and compete on global scale.

drazen-zaceroDrazen Zacero – PROJECT DEVELOPER – Drazen is a lawyer who appreciates humor and innovation. He is not afraid to try. Passionate about people, traveling, storytelling,  social policy, social inclusion, poverty reduction and project development for open society of equal opportunities. Even though skeptical, he still believes in Human Rights.

giovanni Giovanni Rossi – PROJECT MANAGER & FUNDRAISING EXPERT – Giovanni graduated in International Relations with a Master degree in International Green Economy Markets. He worked as project manager in areas of territorial and environmental development, and sustainable tourism. He also worked and studied abroad: France, Spain, and Latin America. For this reason he speaks fluently Spanish, French, English and know a few words of Catalan and Portuguese. Two years ago he settled in Bologna and now is leading a marketing company in the non-profit sector. He is interested in travels, nature, sports, spiritual and mental development.

mihailoMihajlo Djukic – RESEARCHER & MANAGER – Mihajlo is a researcher at the Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade. What makes him very happy is the opportunity to work on the new research projects and if possible, with new people. Always likes to see a big picture. During the informal conversations with his friends and colleagues, he has a habit to find faults and criticizes attitudes which he regularly considers as proper. This could be annoying but helpful for his interlocutors. Uses his free time for reading, travelling and chatting with old friends on politics and sports. He is passionately following English Football Premier League.


Slobodan Ocokoljic – COORDINATOR OF THE PROBLEM SOLVING PULSAR THINK NET Researcher / Manager / Translator – Constantly on the move and in pursuit of missions impossible to accomplish. Slobodan studied Political Science and Local Economic Development. After 6 years of research and management combined for living, in 2016 he started working as a freelance. Lived, studied and worked in Belgrade, Trento and Budapest. Two years ago moved with his family from his homeland to Italy. Thus, he is interested in connections and influences between places and people, economic development and human development, environmental protection and human rights, and urban/regional development and business innovation. He firmly believes that no other force has stronger gravitational pull than knowledge, therefore Sigma Infty, as a synonym for infinite thirst for knowledge.

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