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We have been regularly contacted to advice Italian and global SMEs and companies about best environments in the Western Balkans to internationalise their activities or to launch new products and technologies, in search for competitive and comparative advantage.

Make the most of the wind of [disruptive] change (Photo Source: Instagram -

Make the most of the global wind of change. This image is copyrighted, and used with permission. Image by bran_don via Instagram.

Working on the evaluation of business support policies and startup programs, as well as speaking the local languages (all national variations of Serbo-Croatian language), came as a perfect background to fill the gap in this information asymmetry and provide on-the-ground expertise.

Based on previous good practices we have already established a network of local business development specialists, accountants, marketing experts, experts working at chambers of commerce and development agencies, and we are ready to make a tailored set of solutions for your business to grow.


Map of clusters in Serbia (Photo Source: Institute for Territorial Economic Development InTER

Map of clusters in Serbia. Image by [Institute for Territorial Economic Development InTER].

Also, if you are the entrepreneur that likes to do business personally, then we are ready to provide you with a translator-accompanied tour through a labyrinth of administrative and institutional procedures, set the meetings with decision makers, and advice about what is the best value for money you can get in all of the issues you encounter.    

Our present focus is on the Western Balkans and Italy.

We are ready to help you grow your business (Photo Source: Instagram -

We are ready to help you grow your business. This image is copyrighted, and used with permission. Image by bran_don via Instagram.

We can help you in:

establishing a branch-office of your company in some of the Western Balkans countries and Italy.

acquire necessary legal prerequisites and certificates for entering a certain market, opening a bank account, organising a meeting in the Chamber of Commerce and Business Registration Agency, finding a trustworthy local accountant, and best-value-for-money office space and storehouses.

conduct different types of market analysis so you can make informed decisions regarding the workforce, inventory, purchases of capital equipment, suitable marketing and branding strategies and many other aspects.

external factors environmental analysis so you could understand the political and socio-economic determinants, workers rights, customs, preferential and regional trade agreements, available national, regional and international subsidies for your industry and sector.

conducting competitive analysis and target audience analysis so you can make your investment decision accurately and maximize the use of available resources.

This image is copyrighted, and used with permission. Image by bran_don via Instagram.

Problem solving pulsar team for business consultancy


Dragisa Mijacic – FINANCIAL ANALYST & BUSINESS EVALUATOR InTER Director – His role in the InTER is two-fold. On one side he is an Executive Director with competencies to manage human and financial resources, manage programs, projects and researches, organize fundraising, and represent the organization in the public. On the other side, he is also engaged as a Policy Researcher, writing analysis, assessments, socio-economic and political profiles, various studies and other publications.

dusanDusan Vulovic – MARKETING / BRANDING & BUSINESS DEVELOPER – Reliable, leader, love to listen, learn and share knowledge. Curious, with the personal mission to promote creativity and support talents. He is a strategic creative expert and client service oriented communicator with a track record spanning over 18 years of professional experience in managing positions in large multinational communications agencies as well as in private entrepreneurship. Demonstrated strong entrepreneurial spirit, business development skills, multifunctional, multicultural and multi industry experience. Interested in senior management responsibility within agency or multinationals, turnaround projects and startups within multinational environment.

milos-cavicMilos Cavic – BUSINESS DEVELOPER & HR EXPERT – Milos is enterprise technology consultant focused on helping find top talent for mid to executive level hires in Japan and APAC. It’s about building something together, creating relationships, careers, and opportunities.


Iacopo Benini – PROJECT MANAGER & INVESTMENT CONSULTANT Iacopo is a project manager. He worked as a project officer for important local development interventions in Italy and Southern America, bringing innovations and new ideas. Educated in international communication, he holds a master in international relations. He has designed and managed several communication campaign targeted to migrants, networking public and private entities, researchers and local stakeholders. He is firmly committed to social inclusion of migrants.


Mike Safadi – SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT EXPERT & INVESTMENT CONSULTANT – Mike is a junior water expert and humanitarian affairs and development professional. He worked with international organizations (United Nations, World Bank and International and national NGOs) on issues related to sustainable development and food security, integrated water resources management and refugees. Mike lived, studied and worked in 5 countries (Italy, Jordan, Germany, Canada and the USA), he received several European graduate scholarships, alumni awards and recently was representing Lebanon at the United Nations HQ in New York as a Youth Delegate to the Human Rights Summit 2016, and awarded the United States Department of State Leaders for Democracy Fellowship Award 2016.

tanjaTanja Uveric – VISUAL IDENTITY & DESIGN Ilustrator / Skreen Printer & Visual Thinker – Tanja is a Serbian artist who got her teacher degree on the Superior School of Arts and later on the Faculty of Fine Arts of Belgrade, Serbia. Since 2011 she lives and works in Spain in search of better opportunities. She collaborates with different artists and art collectives, exhibits both nationally and internationally, participates in art residences, works in public spaces and on her own projects: screen printing T-shirts. She is also a particular teacher of English and Serbian language.  Love for learning and transferring knowledge is a natural way of her growth and development.    


Ilija Stojanovic – PROJECT COORDINATOR & STARTUP DEVELOPER – Born in Leskovac, Serbia, studied in Belgrade, Serbia, Trento, Italy and Ljubljana, Slovenia. He holds a Masters Degree in Comparative local development and PhD candidate in Balkan studies. He has six years of experience in project cycle management within several fields: youth policy, public administration, media and IT. Ilija is currently the head of the Project Office in Startit Center Belgrade, the leading Serbian IT hub and unofficial headquarters of the national tech-community. At the moment he is working in the team implementing ambitious strategy aiming to educate and prepare 100.000 young Serbian people to effectively participate in the IT industry and compete on global scale.

giovanniGiovanni Rossi – PROJECT MANAGER & FUNDRAISING EXPERT – Giovanni graduated in International Relations with a Master degree in International Green Economy Markets. He worked as project manager in areas of territorial and environmental development, and sustainable tourism. He also worked and studied abroad: France, Spain, and Latin America. For this reason he speaks fluently Spanish, French, English and know a few words of Catalan and Portuguese. Two years ago he settled in Bologna and now is leading a marketing company in the non-profit sector. He is interested in travels, nature, sports, spiritual and mental development.


Slobodan Ocokoljic – COORDINATOR OF THE SIGMA INFTY – PROBLEM SOLVING PULSAR Researcher / Manager / Translator – Constantly on the move and in pursuit of missions impossible to accomplish. Slobodan has studied Political Science and Local Economic Development. After 6 years of research and management combined for living, in 2016 he started working as a freelance. Lived, studied and worked in Belgrade, Trento and Budapest. Two years ago moved with his family from his homeland to Italy. Thus, he is interested in connections and influences between places and people, economic development and human development, environmental protection and human rights, and urban/regional development and business innovation. He firmly believes that no other force has stronger gravitational pull than knowledge, therefore Sigma Infty, as a synonym for infinite thirst for knowledge.

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