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They don’t call it for nothing research & development

In the world where we need to educate our children for the jobs that are yet to come, in the economy where internet search optimisation is equally valued on the market as scientific patent, in order to make new steps in innovating/improving your business/community it is necessary to carry out scientifically sound research on the trend of your interest.

No development can occur without a research. Today’s combinatorial knowledge dynamics develops in multi-location and multi-scalar ways. Knowledge circulates to a greater extent and is continuously mobilized and combined within interacting universities, firms, regions, cities, and people.

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Big data, data mining, predictive analytics and social network analysis are changing the way we look at the world. Smart cities are integrating multiple information and IoT solutions to manage a city’s assets. From climate-smart agriculture over cloud banking, the global development perspective is oriented towards knowledge-intensive services and green economy.

In such contemporary scenario, where all the data is available to everyone at all times, and where everyone is simultaneously researcher and test subject, it is important to highlight the proper use of all methodological steps that will turn research findings into business/policy recommendations and measures.

As we in the Sigma Infty see it, applied research is the tool to make fully-informed decisions and move the world in the right direction. Therefore, we have pulled together our expertise in the problem solving pulsar in order to provide you with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary expertise that will lead to new insights, outcomes, advice, and solutions.  

SPSS and STATA help us with statistical calculations, Excel with data management, Gephi with social network analysis, Qualtrics for large sample surveys and mapping, Asana with task distribution and management, while participatory action research and community driven development principles and tools lead our more qualitative efforts to solve the real life problems.

We have a rich experience in applied research, survey design, data management and analysis, data integration, training needs assessments, strategic planning analysis, policy analysis, impact assessment, process evaluation of projects and programs, and advocacy campaigns.

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Research is all about real problems and real data.

Timing, methodology, target groups, practical utility, and stakeholders are all determining analytical choices.

So, whatever interest or uncertainties you might have, we can promise we will be able to assemble the right research team and carry out detailed mapping, testing, surveying, in order to realise what the social/commercial impact of your initiative or product will be.

Research has become integral part of all contemporary processes.

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Research has become integral part of all contemporary processes but it must follow precise methodological steps in order to lead to practically applicable solutions.

We are ready to help you get the most out of the data.

Problem solving pulsar team for applied research


Vitomir Jovanovic – RESEARCHER & STATISTICS EXPERT – Vitomir obtained PhD in Educational Psychology, analyzing factors of school progress in PISA tests. He works as a researcher in the Centre for Education Policy in Belgrade. He has worked as an assistant at the Department of Psychology, University of Belgrade. He has participated in various educational projects regarding inclusive education, higher education and primary education. He published several research papers and publications and participated in huge number of international conferences. He also developed the methodology for various targeted project interventions.


Dragisa Mijacic – FINANCIAL ANALYST & & BUSINESS EVALUATOR InTER Director His role in the InTER is two-fold. On one side he is an Executive Director with competencies to manage human and financial resources, manage programs, projects and researches, organize fundraising, and represent the organization in the public. On the other side, he is also engaged as a Policy Researcher, writing analysis, assessments, socio-economic and political profiles, various studies and other publications.

mihailoMihajlo Djukic – RESEARCHER & MANAGER – Mihajlo is a researcher at the Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade. What makes him very happy is the opportunity to work on the new research projects and if possible, with new people. Always likes to see a big picture. During the informal conversations with his friends and colleagues, he has a habit to find faults and criticizes attitudes which he regularly considers as proper. This could be annoying but helpful for his interlocutors. Uses his free time for reading, travelling and chatting with old friends on politics and sports. He is passionately following English Football Premier League.


Slobodan Ocokoljic – COORDINATOR OF THE PROBLEM SOLVING PULSAR THINK NET Researcher / Manager / Translator – Constantly on the move and in pursuit of missions impossible to accomplish. Slobodan studied Political Science and Local Economic Development. After 6 years of research and management combined for living, in 2016 he started working as a freelance. Slobodan lived, studied and worked in Belgrade, Trento and Budapest. Two years ago moved with his family from his homeland to Italy. Thus, he is interested in connections and influences between places and people, economic development and human development, environmental protection and human rights, and urban/regional development and business innovation. He firmly believes that no other force has stronger gravitational pull than knowledge, therefore Sigma Infty, as a synonym for infinite thirst for knowledge.

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