Sigma Infty is a think net of dynamic young professionals that are offering services in project management, applied research, business consultancy, translation and interpreting.


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In order to provide top-quality services we have established a network of skilled professionals. The synergy of multicultural and interdisciplinary know-how that is clustered in the Sigma Infty think net, or problem solving pulsar as we like to call it, is guaranteeing solutions for your business in the fields of:

Project cycle management – development, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects in diverse areas, from sustainable territorial development and energy policies to human rights and urban planning.

Evidence based research and advocacy – survey design, data analysis, data management, training needs assessments, data integration, policy studies/briefs and advocacy.

Translation and interpreting services – written translations, interpreters for your international event, language tutoring offered in close cooperation with Sara Polidoro.

Business consultancy – evaluating investment needs, conducting investment studies, legal framework analysis, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and tailored offers for setting up a branch office of your business in the Balkans.

Sigma Infty problem solving pulsar think net. This image is copyrighted, and used with permission. Image by bran_don via Instagram.

This image is copyrighted, and used with permission. Image by bran_don via Instagram.

What others say about working with us

The following are just a few comments from some of the people we have been working with so far. As a founder and coordinator of the problem solving pulsar think net, I (Slobodan) think I have the legitimate right to post my previous successful collaborations as a proof that I will apply the same approach when working with my future clients. As the workload of the Sigma Infty grows, I will update this part with our most recent partners’ opinions.

Dusan Vulovic – Marketing and Communication Expert

“Slobodan is very smart, reliable and effective. He can work out details without losing track of the bigger picture. He is the kind of person that makes things happen. Great knowledge, curious, problem solver! To work with him is a great experience and would seek every opportunity to engage him in the future!”

Jelena Babic – Policy Advisor at the Bureau for Cooperation with the EU at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

“I have been working with Slobodan for the last two years in the Centre for European Integration (CEI) of the Belgrade Open School (BOS) on the various projects, with the strong educational and research component. Slobodan has specially contributed to the team work in the part of the researching activities within the projects, in the area of the Regional Policy or the European Union Environmental Policy.”

Sorin Adam Matei – Professor, Purdue University.

“Mr. Ocokoljic has gained excellent experience in the field of policy analysis. He has written or participated in the conceptual work of a significant number of grant proposals dedicated to local planning and civic involvement. His ability to turn abstract ideas into actionable proposals is one of his greatest professional assets. 
Mr. Ocokoljic is communicative, helpful, considerate, and has a wonderful ability to read between the lines of intercultural communication situations. His toolkit of skills includes quantitative and qualitative research methods. He is punctual, organized, and focused. If he promises something, he will do it.”

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